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Safe Routes to Schools Safety Tips for Parents (PDF)

How to Teach Kids about Safe Routes

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New Workshop!
Teaching Kids to Be Safe, Strong and Street-Smart

KidWISE Institute is pleased to offer Best Feet Forward: Teaching Kids to Be Safe, Strong and Street-Smart, an exciting new workshop designed for Safe Routes to Schools programs that helps parents and teachers prepare children to navigate safely on the streets and in the world.  The workshop presents best safety practices from the award-winning book Raising Careful, Confident Kids in a Crazy World, written by KidWISE Institute Founder and curriculum developer, Paula Statman, whose expertise is regularly featured on Oprah and the Today Show.

For Parents Best Feet Forward addresses parents’ top concerns:

  • “Can my child recognize when she is in danger?” 
  • “How would he respond to potentially dangerous people or situations?”
  • “Would she trust her instincts?”
  • “Is my child prepared and can he think on his feet?”

Participants learn:

  • What to teach based on their child’s age and abilities.
  • How to use the ‘5 P’s’ to teach personal safety skills.
  • How to gauge how much supervision their child needs.
  • How to be a helpful rather than a fearful parent.
  • How to use teachable moments to reinforce important safety concepts.

For Teachers Best Feet Forward incorporates empowering child personal safety messages and lessons in to existing curriculum. It includes how to:

  • Teach children to recognize, trust, and act on their instincts. 
  • Promote problem solving, good judgment, and critical thinking.
  • Teach and model healthy boundaries in relationships, including how to deal with bullies.
  • Use the ‘5 P’s’ to teach child personal safety skills.

Learning Objectives:

  • To become fluent in the “semantics of safety”:  thinking, speaking, and teaching child personal safety in ways that empower rather than alarm students.
  • To participate in skill-building opportunities that translate in to learning activities and teachable moments in the classroom or after school program.
  • To be able to teach personal safety information and skills according to students’ social, cognitive, and emotional abilities. 

Take away tools include: 60-page Guide, Learning activities, Check lists, and Safety inventory
Flexible workshop format: 1 to 2 hours, depending on your groups’ needs
Schedule a Best Feet Forward Facilitator Training in your area!
Help kids put their best feet forward!

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